About Us

Paul Clifford, CEO & Founder of PageOneTraffic Ltd., Creator of MemeCrusher

Paul Clifford has worked as a Chief Technology Officer for the past 20 years and worked with many startups engineering their products to success. In the last few years, Paul has worked exclusively in SEO Software and more recently content curation software. Paul’s has engineered a suite of products for the SEO community including Ravepress.com, LinkFinderPRO, SERPAlertPRO, DomainMatchPRO, PageOneSyndicatorPRO, PageOne LeadMagnet and WPCookieLaw. His newest products include KudaniCloud and Designrr.

Paul currently lives in California with his family and dog,

Providing Quality Customer Service

If you use MemeCrusher or any of the other products available through PageOneTraffic you will have undoubtedly spoken to Karen. She is a part of our customer support team and truly valued by our customers. Karen along with the rest of our team are the dedicated members who help our customers with support through our help desk.